Divorce as a Socio-Legal Process
Divorce, in simple words; the dissolution of a marriage is...

Divorce, in simple words; the dissolution of a marriage is the execution and termination of a marital union, the cancellation as well as the reorganization of the legal responsibilities and duties of marriage. Therefore, it dissolves and disbands the beautiful matrimonial bonds between married couples under the decree of the law of the specific country or state.

Laws related to divorce vary noticeably around the globe, however, in most states divorce process requires the authorization of the court or any other authority as a legal process that involves issues such as spousal support (alimony), child support, child custody or visitation, parenting time, distribution of assets, property, and debt. In most states, law permits monogamy, hence, divorce permits both parted spouses to get married anew with another person. Most states allow polygyny legally and not the polyandry, so divorce permits the divorced woman to marry any new spouse.

Divorce must not be puzzled with annulment that declares a marriage void and null with legal dissolution. Reasons for getting divorced vary from lack of liberty or sexual incompatibility to some personality clashes. Whatever the reason may be, one should avoid divorce and try to save their marital companionship as much as possible. This step should be taken when there is no other way to get the peace back in your life. If you are having kids with your partner then think about their future as well. It is often noticed that young children tend to be regressed and the adult children are likely to be aggressed as the outcome of their parental separation. Young kids are more dependent on their parents for all their needs including the emotional needs. On the contrary, adolescent children tend to be more dependent on their friends and other acquaintances. Hence, both the age groups response differently to their parental separation. You also have to think about your financial loss as the result of property and assets divisions.

If you are ready to file for divorce, you must think that where to get it. Different states have different residency laws requirements for the spouses who are going to file for divorce in the court. Most of them, however, want at least six months of minimum residency from the spouses. Other countries have other specific laws with regards to divorce.  Also, think about the financial loss you have to bear for filing the divorce as divorce process is not so cheap. In addition, you have to pay your divorce attorney as well.

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