Filing for Divorce
Divorce like marriage is not an easy decision one makes...

Divorce like marriage is not an easy decision one makes in his marital life. Your couple must have gone through a lot of emotional crabs before you finally decided to be separated by getting divorced. Filing for divorce is an expensive and time-consuming process as well as it demands a lot of efforts. We have come up with some essential steps, which you will have to accomplish in order to get your final judgment from the Court.

Look for Where You can File

Different states have set different residency requirements for the couples who want to get divorced. In most countries, the minimum requirement for residency is at least six months. You must have lived for a half year if you want to file for the divorce. Some states require both of the spouses to be living there for six months, others require one of them who is going to file. Some states have made exceptions for the same-sex partners who had to leave their country on account of their country’s legal laws.

Clearly, Draw Round your Goals

Divorce is not a very difficult process in itself, however, there might come some difficulties in it. Clearly, outline your plans and goals related to divorce. If you and your partner have mutual assets or property then decide about the division. If you both have children with each other then decide who will have them in custody and if you will have them, then whether you seek your partner’s support or not. These are the things that must be planned before you actually file for a divorce.

Gather Information

Before you are going to see a divorce attorney for their consultation, make sure that you have completed all the documentation related to both your debts and assets including; bank accounts, real estate, personal property, loans, mortgages, and credit card balance.

Meet with an Attorney

Meet with a professional, qualified, and experienced divorce specialist attorney. Discuss everything openly and clearly with him and ask about your insecurities and questions related to the divorce matter. He will tell you about the ins and outs of the legal divorce process and create a filing plan in accordance with the legislation applied in your state.

Fill Out the Court Forms Correctly

You have to fill out the court forms as a Petitioner. The person who receives petition is known as the Respondent. If you have children with your partner then you will have to fill out forms related to children’s visitation and custody. Do not forget to fill the Property Declaration form if your property as a couple is in question.

After filling out the forms, check with your attorney for any recommendations. Print out two form’s copies so one copy will be received by your partner and the other will be stayed by you.  You have to submit the filing fee. Then submit your original form’s copy to the court so that it can be processed officially.

 Fill in the Final Forms

You have to fill in a chain of final forms related to your debt and assets, child, support, child custody, and other particulars in accordance with your circumstances. You should verify these copies by your attorney before finally filing them with your country’s court.

Accept the Judgment

The court, after taking the review of your final form, will send you the judgment notice that notifies you of the consequences of your divorce file as well as any other additional steps in order to finalize your petition. In case, your spouse challenges your petition then you might have to appear in the hearing of the court. There, amendments will be made before you finally get divorced.

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