Hiring A Divorce Lawyer
Divorce is the worst thing that can happen to a...

Divorce is the worst thing that can happen to a marriage. It is even more painful if the marriage lasted many years with children, debts to be divided, and assets involved. The divorce process can be quite debilitating, which is the reason why it would be advisable to have a knowledgeable divorce lawyer in columbus by your side. Among other reasons/benefits, hiring a divorce lawyer helps give you some peace of mind mainly where your partner is too oblivious or unwilling to allow an amicable split. Finding the best attorney for your case can, however, be intimidating considering what you are going through. Discussed below are some of the critical factors to consider when looking for a divorce attorney.


Attorneys that specialize in divorce cases and family law are better suited/qualified than the corporate lawyers. Only consider attorneys specializing in divorce cases for better representation. Expert divorce lawyers not only understand family law better, but also know what you are going through, and what’s best for both of you. They also know their way around the court, should the other side be too stubborn to settle outside the court.

Experience in Family Law

Only go for an attorney with at least 3 years of active experience in divorce cases. You will also need someone that understands family issues and knows how to deal with the same. Although you may have made up your mind on the split, a good attorney will try to reason with both parties, and even outline the consequences of going ahead with the divorce. In addition to this, he/she should ensure assets are divided equally, alimony paid, as well as sharing of debts. Child custody is another issue to be discussed before making the final decision.

Legal Fees

You also need to find an affordable divorce lawyer as well. Some attorneys bill their client per hour, while others will require a lump sum paid once the case is over. Whatever your budget is, it should be worth the service offered. Some lawyers will even agree to work on a contingency. Nevertheless, look for an experienced, reasonable, and trustworthy attorney worth the money.


The lawyer’s reputation is another crucial factor to consider before signing the contract. Avoid lawyers with a tainted image and reputation, for these could be forced into agreeing to unfavorable terms. A reputable lawyer, on the other hand, will have your best interests at heart and will fight for what is just.

A little window shopping, research, and brainstorming is needed when seeking legal services. Arranging a meeting with the lawyer and asking relevant questions should help you find a good one for the job. To know more visit the website at https://deanhineslawyer.com/divorce-lawyers-columbus-ohio/ – Divorce Lawyers Columbus Ohio.

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