Some Tips On Where To Find A Divorce Lawyer
If you're planning on getting divorced, you should know that...

If you’re planning on getting divorced, you should know that finding a lawyer is easy. You just need to do a search on Google. What isn’t so easy, though, is finding an attorney that has your best interests in mind.

Ideally, as you are planning on breaking away from your spouse, you would have someone close recommend a lawyer for you. But if you have no one to recommend someone, there are several places you can go to and ask referrals from.

One is your state bar association. The state bar association would have a list of all the divorce lawyers in your state. The good thing about it is that you will be getting a list of lawyers that do not have a pending complaint or have been suspended before.

List Of The Divorce Lawyers

Another place to go to are lawyer search engines like Find Lawyer. These websites only feature attorneys that are peer-reviewed. In other words, you will only get leads on legal professionals who enjoy a high opinion from other lawyers.

If you want to find someone who has been reviewed by former clients, go to websites like Yelp or even Google Local Search.

If you know anything about those places, you already know that they are for local business, not exclusively for law firms. However, they feature reviews and star ratings by the people who have done business or have used the featured establishments.

Divorce Is A Legal Process

With Yelp, make sure to narrow down your search to the most highly-rated lawyers. Often, those that enjoy ratings of four stars and above are good ones that you can and should consider to become your representative in a divorce proceeding.

Although getting divorced is a legal process and you need to get legal advice, the truth is that you actually do not need a lawyer to be granted a divorce. This is true especially if you live in a state that has no-contest divorce laws where only one signature is needed to dissolve a marriage.

But even in a no-contest state, though, you would still need the services of a divorce attorney if you have sizeable assets that need to divided and/or children that need to be protected when the marriage breaks down.

When it comes to hiring a lawyer, make sure to shortlist three different law firms. Then schedule a consultation with each of them. During consultation, you should ask how they are going to handle your case.

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